When Axl Rose Recorded Himself Having Sex with His Drummer’s Girlfriend and Put it in a Song

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The ’80s were a time of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, and the members of Guns N’ Roses were certainly a part of that. The band was known for its hedonistic lifestyle, and this was reflected in its music – particularly a hit song from Appetite For Destruction (1987), the band’s debut album.

The song “Rocket Queen” famously features moans from a woman in the background. These sounds came from Adriana Smith, a groupie and stripper who had been dating GnR drummer Steven Adler for about a year.

But the recording came from Smith’s sexual encounter with frontman Axl Rose – an encounter that would take place in the band’s New York studio and last for about two hours.

If you’re thinking Adler was done dirty, apparently, he may have had this coming.

“I lived around the corner from Canter’s Deli, where the band would hang out. Axl showed up and it was just one of those things. We were just fascinated with each other. Steven was out with another girl,” Smith told The Mirror. “We were all getting really wasted, so I felt I was going to try and get revenge on Steven. Axl was all in for it and we started having sex.”

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In addition to revenge, Smith also got a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Lead guitarist Slash was also there, but he was too drunk to perform.

At some point, Adler walked into the recording booth to catch Smith and Rose having sex. He was not happy about this, but the always-accommodating Axl invited him to join in.

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