Kanye West Claims He’s Building a Giant City in the Middle East

kanye west droam
David Shankbone (modified) / Canva

Kanye West, who’s become known for saying stupid things and announcing projects he never completes (if he even starts them), has announced his newest project: building a giant city somewhere in the Middle East.

The city will be called DROAM, and while an exact location has not been specified, it’s expected to span 100,000 acres, according to a post shared Wednesday on X (formerly Twitter).

This ambitious project comes in the wake of a series of unfinished ventures and abandoned properties by West, including a Los Angeles church he bought for $1.5 million and has since abandoned, leaving it with “boarded-up windows, old shopping carts, & trash.”

The once-respectable 46-year-old also has a history of announcing albums that never get released, including a recent unfulfilled promise of a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign, reports the NY Post (which has also obtained some renderings of West’s imaginary city).

But we’re sure he’ll finish building DROAM – which, by the way, sounds a bit like Neom – another giant city being built in the Middle East

West is currently seeking collaborators including project managers, engineers, architects, and builders.

Ye’s lack of follow through on previous projects raises quite a bit of skepticism on this one.

Written by Pete

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