Man Drinks 81 Pints of Guinness, Tells People

Man Drinks 81 Pints of Guinness

A giant man from Ireland topped off 2023 by drinking a huge amount of Guinness and telling people about it, Irish Mirror was first to report.

“81st pint of the weekend since Friday. I’ve surpassed my previous record of 78. Happy new year to all,” 33-year-old Sean William Bryan shared in a post on ‘Guinness Community,’ a public Facebook group.

The 6’4″ Top Contributor provoked quite a reaction from the community.

“Shitting pure motor oil by now,” said Aaron.

“Can tell by the head of ya,” said James. The head of Sean is large.

“It definitely shows, disgusting.” said Shawn.

Other folks in the comments came down on the beer enthusiast for his ‘dangerous’ and ‘stupid’ behavior.

But Sean defended his behavior, since it was just a one-time thing.

Sean, who works at the “Department of Justice,” according to his Facebook profile, started drinking on December 29 at 1:00 p.m. and wrapped things up on New Year’s Eve at 9:00 p.m., spending over $400.

“[Drinking the 81 Guinnesses] is over and done with now but I wouldn’t want any young people reading this and thinking of me as a role model or anything like that,” Sean told the Mirror.

Written by Pete

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