Plane Lady Who Yelled “That Mother F*cker is NOT Real!” Speaks Out on Freak Out

tiffany gomas pr stunt

The lady who went viral for losing her mind on a plane and yelling about a passenger being “not real” recently decided to explain herself – or, at least, give an explanation.

If you missed it or need a reminder, the original incident took place in July when 38-year-old Tiffany Gomas – the woman who would soon become known as ‘Crazy Plane Lady’ – had her tirade on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Orlando.

“Everyone can either believe it or they can not believe it, I don’t give two f*cks, but I am telling you right now, that mother f*cker – that mother f*cker back there is not real,” she said.

Plenty of people decided to believe it, with pretty much every conspiracy you can think of coming to the surface.

But in a recent interview on the Pardon My Take podcast, Gomas claimed her outburst stemmed from an altercation she had with a man on the plane, clarifying that she hadn’t actually seen anything that wasn’t “real,” and that “that mother f*cker is not real!” was just an “expression of speech.”

“So I got into a bit of an altercation, it spiraled out of control, it was not my best moment. I mean, it’s actually a horrible moment,” Gomas said.

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She didn’t get into many details regarding what the argument was actually about, but here’s a video which appears to show the immediate aftermath of their confrontation (moments before her infamous tirade).

If you didn’t stick around for part two, the insanity continued in the airport, where Gomas appeared to show real concern for the passengers who decided to stay on the plane, which would be every passenger besides her.

Gomas owns a marketing company and describes herself on Instagram as a “viral personality.” She’s currently selling sweaters that say “That MF’er is not real.”

After watching Gomas’ apology video, some have ventured to call the whole thing out as an elaborate PR stunt.

“What I find so amazing about this case is how Tiffany managed to rebrand herself on social media without having a brand in the first place,” said Dr. Todd Grande, Youtube’s most popular psychiatrist. “This is like repackaging a product without actually making a product. How’s this possible? Usually, social media influencers have to possess some type of talent in order to become popular. It doesn’t have to be a lot of talent, but it must be something. Tiffany has turned the entire system upside down. She skipped the talent part and moved right to the apology video and the rebranding. It’s really worse than just a lack of talent; she became popular for engaging in disruptive behavior. One could argue that Tiffany is a genius. Another possible argument is the bar for becoming an influencer is set incredibly low. Every passenger on an airplane is just one outburst away from glory and fame. The latest route through social media fame is so terrible, one can only hope that it is not real, but sadly it is all too real.”

Written by Pete

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