Lady Kicked Off Plane for Petting Her Dog

southwest kicks off lady with dog

“You are rude, you are a mean person, and I will never fly Southwest again.” That’s what a woman had to say to the power-hungry steward who allegedly kicked her off a flight from Colorado to California for petting her 8-week old puppy.

In a TikTok video shared by fellow passenger Sara Price  – which has racked up 1.3 million views since she posted it two days ago – the disappointed dog-owner can be seen exiting the plane while Price’s husband consoles her and tells the prickly plane stiff he “should be ashamed of himself.”

Here’s the caption Price included with her video:

“The puppy was whining a little and the flight attendant boarding everyone walked up to her and said, if your dog doesn’t be quiet, you may not be able to fly. She sticks her hand in the soft carrier and pets the puppy. It stopped whining. We board the plane and she has the carrier in her lap still petting the puppy when the same flight attendant came up and said the carrier needed to be zipped completely and put under the seat. Everyone around us was like, what’s going on here!? Another flight attendant, dressed as a cat comes up and says “are we going to have a problem here!?” The lady does as she is told and we start to taxi to the runway. The dog gave a very soft whine, so she leaned over and started petting it from the outside of the carrier but right at mesh. All the attendants got in a group at the front of the plane and decided we needed to return to the gate and that she should be removed from the flight.”

We’re not sure about the flight attendant dressed as a cat, but in any event, Price posted a follow up video where she zooms in to capture the steward (his name is apparently Tyler) chatting with the captain about Price’s husband, and because he said “you should be ashamed of yourself,” they were reportedly asked to get off the plane too.

Price complained to Southwest and got a reply which she shared screenshots of here.

“This happened to us in Nantucket bc of exact same reason, dog was inside his carrier entire time and stewardess had police meet us at arrival,” wrote @tamarabehan22.

“I was on a flight once and there was a guy who had his hand down his pants the entire 5hr flight. I asked them to correct him and they didn’t do it,” wrote @therealsugaray.

The dog owner ended up “[catching] a flight on United where she was treated very nicely,” according to Price.

Written by Pete

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