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Maury Reveals Paternity Test Results of Baby Orangutan


The Denver Zoo recently enlisted the help of Maury Povich to reveal the father of their four-month-old orangutan named Siska.

The 84-year-old Povich hosted his eponymous television show for 31 years (1991-2022), and he spent much of that time reading paternity test results in front of live studio audiences and anxious dads, most of whom appeared thankful when told “you are not the father.” Sometimes they’d dance wildly while Maury would console the mother backstage.

Now available for other gigs, Povich put on a tux and announced which among two male orangutans (30-year-old Berani or 16-year-old Jaya) would have to step it up for little Siska. It was Berani.

It wasn’t immediately clear what results Berani was hoping for.

Almost unbelievably, Povich was awarded with a Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Honor just a few days ago. The award was presented by Connie Chung, the famous journalist who also happens to be his wife, and she was definitely on the defensive right out of the gate.

“I know that you think he’s been determining the paternity of every child in America all his life,” Chung correctly said at the beginning of her speech. “But no, in his 67 freaking years in television, he’s been a news reporter and a news anchor and old fashion talk show host interviewing world leaders, politicians, members of Congress, authors, movie stars and even Julia Child.”

Nobody forced him into the dark side, Connie!

Written by Pete

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