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50-Year-Old Mom Beats Son’s Ex-Girlfriend in Ring

angry mom beats sons ex girlfriend mma fight poland

A 50-year-old mom knocked out her son’s 19-year-old ex-girlfriend in a bizarre MMA fight in Poland this weekend.

Małgorzata Zwierzyńska – who also goes by ‘Gosia Magical’ and is already somewhat internet famous for making videos with her son, Daniel – challenged Nikola Alokin to the fight after she apparently broke Daniel’s heart.

While Alokin has fighting experience and a massive age advantage, the Polish mama bear outweighs her by about 40 pounds, and we can image she brought a lot more anger to the cage.

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“The fight was promoted by CLOUT MMA, a Polish mixed martial arts company that sponsors outlandish fights like the one between Magical and Alokin,” the NY Post reports.

“They started the fight carefully,” wrote the Polish MMA website. “Both ladies were careful about each other, but after a while Gocha Magical started attacking Nikita and sent her to the boards for the first time. After the fight resumed, we no longer saw such a brave and open exchange of blows. Nikita ran away from the standing Gocha Magical and that’s how the first round ended.”

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