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Bert Kreischer Isn’t Funny

Bert Kreischer not funny

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He’s done three Netflix specials, he was named

But have you ever heard Bert Kreischer say anything funny?

He riles up the crowd like he’s hosting a New Year’s Eve party and gets more cheers than he does laughs, especially when obnoxiously ripping his shirt off towards the start of each show.

“It almost felt less of a rehearsed act and more of him taking his shirt off and rambling about his life,” says Reddit user ThisGuyHasABigChode.

He laughs at his own jokes, and the problem with that is that there’s nothing to laugh at – including his full blown alcoholism which he seems to use as a prop. Also, the sound of his laugh will make you want to die.

He’s got a seat on the popular 2 Bears 1 Cave podcast with Tom Segura, but this series only proves that Tom Segura is hilarious – and even funnier when compared to his best pal Bert, who is only useful as the butt of the joke.

Written by Pete

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