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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rick Hoffman

rick hoffman louis litt

Photo by Genevieve via Wikimedia Commons

  1. He’s the guy who played Louis Litt in “Suits.”
  2. He was born in New York City and grew up on Long Island.
  3. He was also in “Billions.”
  4. He’s precisely 5’9½” (per IMDB).
  5. In his first role, he played a security guard in “Conspiracy Theory” (1997).
  6. He’s allergic to cats. Which is funny, because he was a total cat freak on “Suits.”
  7. He’s a single father to a son named Gus.
  8. He’s good friends with Gabriel Macht, who played Harvey Specter on “Suits.” They’ve known each other since 1997.
  9. He’s Jewish and has a tattoo of the Star of David on his left arm. Which means he’s not that Jewish, as Jews are not supposed to get tattoos.
  10. One time, he apparently had a meltdown at a Toronto nightclub.

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Here’s Rick Hoffman being playful.

Written by Pete

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