The Coolest McDonald’s Locations Around the World

A McFeast For The Eyes!

This knitted McDonald’s in Poland.

A well-knit McDonald’s in Poland
byu/humpty88 inDamnthatsinteresting

This Roswell, New Mexico McDonald’s – appropriately shaped like a spaceship.

roswell mcdonalds
Jeremy Noble / Flickr

This Art Deco McDonald’s in Australia.

mcdonalds australia
Matt / Flickr

This Tudor style McDonald’s in Ireland.

Don’t think we talk enough about how class the McDonald’s in Bray is
byu/ocolgan inireland

This stately McDonald’s in Norway.

A former bank that is now McDonalds in Kristiansand, Norway
byu/johnfcknallen ininterestingasfuck

This Happy Meal-style McDonald’s in Dallas.

mcdonalds dallas
Alexi Kostibas / Flickr

This McDonald’s train station in Ireland.

train station mcdonalds ireland
Underway In Ireland / Flickr

Another McDonald’s train, this one in Barstow, CA.

barstow train mcdonalds
prayitnophotography / Flickr

The oldest operating McDonald’s (since 1953), located in Downey, CA.

oldest mcdonalds downey ca
Bryan Hong (Brybry26) / Wikimedia Commons

This McDonald’s, located in a historic building in Paris.

Tangopaso, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

This former farmhouse in New Hyde Park, New York.

DanTD; cropped by Beyond My Ken / Wikimedia Commons

This Arkansas McDonald’s with one of the last remaining old school signs.

Bruce W. Stracener, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

This 19,000 square foot McDonald’s in Orlando, the largest in the world. It has its own exclusive menu items!

largest mcdonalds in world
Mx. Granger / Wikimedia Commons

This McDonald’s airplane in New Zealand.

Michael Coghlan / Flickr

This McDonald’s in Arizona with turquoise arches.

CGP Grey / Flickr

Written by Pete

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