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Mom Gives Birth in Snowy McDonald’s Parking Lot; Nicknames Baby Boy “McFlurry”

little mcflurry baby

A 25-year-old Wisconsin woman gave birth in a McDonald’s parking lot earlier this month, and her and her husband decided to nickname their brand-new baby boy after a delicious Mickey Dee’s dessert.

“I’m still in shock,” Analysia Beck told Today of the surprise January 11 birth.

“It was pretty intense,” added her husband Daniel, 27.

Once she realized she was in labor, the couple headed out for the hospital while Analysia’s mom watched their other two kids.

But after a couple minutes, Analysia told Daniel to pull over because she felt like she was “sitting on the baby’s head.”

So they pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot. This was all in the middle of the night, and the snow was coming down hard.

Before they knew it, their baby boy was born.

“I pushed three times and he came out,” Analysia says. “The paramedic barely made it, but they were there to catch him.”

While the baby was a bit blue upon his birth, they were happy to learn that he was in perfect health once they made it to the hospital.

Micah (“Little McFlurry”) entered the world clocking in at 8 pounds and 6 ounces.

“Micah was born in our trunk in the parking lot of McDonald’s during a blizzard and appropriately earned the nickname ‘McFlurry,'” the new mom shared on Facebook before getting him ready to meet his older sister, Carvelanche.

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