Red Lobster Offers Two Hours of Consumption to Piggies Around the Country, Then Takes it Back

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A Red Lobster in Texas (Google Maps)

Red Lobster just unveiled its newest promo, and starting today, Feb. 20, the seafood chain was supposed to offer “150 lucky guests across the country the chance to enjoy endless amounts of lobster.” That is, until they screwed America.

By “endless,” they meant you can eat for up to two hours and can enjoy as many as twelve 1.25 pound Maine lobsters “followed by Maine lobster trails or Caribbean Rock lobster tails, with two sides.” The heads of Red Lobster did some research and discovered this is the exact amount of food their fattest customer ever ate.

The press release also said you’ll get “warm Cheddar Bay Biscuits®” and can enjoy this special offer at any Red Lobster.

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Also, they called the offer “non-shareable.” It’s unclear if you’re allowed to bring a friend, but you’ll have to eat alone, you disgrace. And it’s not like they’re going to reserve the space for you, so you can expect lots of judgement from people eating normally.

On Monday, Red Lobster told its followers to check social media for details the following day. Then on Tuesday afternoon, they wrote, “We’re so sorry but all of the Endless Lobster Experiences* have been claimed.” Then, they went on to promote some other special.

“That’s BS. It’s [definitely] a scam,” wrote @brenda_deeny. “I’ve had the page ready for 3 hours now. It went from coming soon to “all offers claimed” within 1 seconds. Bullshit.”

“How has it all been claimed and nothing was posted on your pages?” asked @imdaoneuluv2nv. “That we have been watching and waiting for all day.”
“Seriously, I have been on here all morning and saw nothing until you say it’s over,” wrote Sharon Kroening. “NOT FAIR. I am a lobster lover for sure and really wanted something for my birthday.”
“This is not going to end well. I hope your PR team is ready,” wrote @AJ The-Muse

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