British ‘Gimp’ Banned from Crawling Around in Bodysuit

british gimp

A British man who likes to dress up like a gimp and freak people out in public is going to need to find another evening activity for the next few years.

Joshua Hunt is a self-employed gardener also known as the ‘Somerset Gimp,’ and the 32-year-old was recently issued a sexual risk order after police linked him to 25 equally creepy incidents.

The order prevents Hunt from “crawling, wriggling or writhing” on the ground in his all-black body suit for a period of five years. He’s also not allowed to wear any kind of mask or face covering unless it’s for medical reasons.

But according to the BBC, Hunt is only prohibited from engaging in his bizarre rituals after 9 p.m. “Restrictions have also been placed upon Hunt’s computer use and access of the internet,” the publication adds.

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“I only make an order if I think it is necessary to protect the public from you and I do think it is necessary,” said District Judge Joanna Dickens, adding that “[The incidents] are clearly acts of a sexual nature with a sexual element to them.”

Here he is in street clothes.

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