Lady Gets Boyfriend’s Name Tattooed on Forehead

“Kevin’s gonna love it”

A Polish influencer and girl who used to be pretty named Ana Stanskovsky recently revealed her new forehead.

It’s been tattooed with her boyfriend’s name, “Kevin.”

She’s shared multiple videos about the new ink on her TikTok account, garnering millions of views and a lot of mixed responses.

A lot of people expressed disbelief, thinking it was a joke. Others told her she’d regret it, which she will. Others told Kevin he should “run,” which he should.

After receiving justified backlash – if you’re going to put yourself out there, expect it! – Ana defended her decision in a follow-up video, stating she loves the tattoo and it’s an expression of her love for her boyfriend.

She went so far as to argue that not wanting to tattoo a partner’s name indicates a lack of love.

“Blink twice if you need help,” wrote one commenter concerned she may have been branded by a cult leader named Kevin.

“My name is also Kevin,” said a man whose number Ana should save, just in case.

“That’s literally the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen!!!” said a person with a point.

Many folks, us included, are incredibly curious about who Kevin is, what Kevin thinks, and what Kevin’s packing.

Written by Pete

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