Toilet Overflows with Mysterious Foam

toilet overflows weird foam

“The toilet…belched?! And my bathroom filled [with] foam!” wrote @akoyaisqueen in the first of a series of now-viral TikTok videos she shared last month.

The California woman documented what looked like a giant bubble bath on the bathroom floor of her Bay Area rental apartment, which she mentioned is located in a brand-new building. One of her videos got almost six million views.

@akoyaisqueen The toilet…belched?! And my bathroom filled woth foam! #plumbing #problems #rabies ♬ original sound – QueenAkoya

“tbh though this is like best case scenario of all the the things that could be leaking from the toilet,” wrote one user.

Akoya tried to contain the foam with a towel, but ultimately needed the maintenance guy to bring his shop-vac to suck up the suds, after a very long battle. “He was in there fighting for his life, ya’ll, like against a mountain of foam.”

It isn’t clear what caused the weird phenomenon, but Ayoka speculated it might be due to a blocked vent/stack, a neighbor’s children’s experiment, or excessive use of laundry detergent. “The plumbers best guess is that a neighbor got a little enthusiastic with their laundry soap,” she wrote.

“Your stack may be clogged and the soap from your washer machine can’t drain. So it’s going to the next available exit. Your Toilet,” wrote @mercurystardust, a self-described “Trans Handy Ma’am.”

Some major brands took note of the civilian’s viral post.

“is everything okay!?!?!? omg” wrote @hilton, the hotel.

“it looks so cozy tho,” wrote @orkin, the pest control company.

Written by Pete

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