This Young Minnesota Man Has the World’s Largest Mouth

biggest mouth in world

Isaac Johnson holds the Guinness World Record for having the largest mouth gape.

His giant mouth was first recognized by Guiness when he was just 14. He’s since broken his own record three times, as his mouth has had time to grow and stretch out. He most recently clocked in at 4.014 inches in 2022.

He can fit four McDonald’s cheeseburgers in his mouth at once, and he loves to show people his mouth.

@guinnessworldrecordsLargest mouth gape 🍔 Isaac Johnson (USA) 10.196 cm (4.014 in)♬ original sound – Guinness World Records

Other things he’s been able to put inside his mouth include his fist, a can of soda, a much bigger bottle of soda, a softball, a brick, a magnifying glass, the head of a baby doll, a VHS tape and a Pringles can (just the tip).

“I have the biggest mouth in the world,” says Isaac proudly. “My family and friends and I have always known that I have a pretty large mouth.” His mouth has gotten him on Jimmy Kimmel and apparently he gets recognized in public from time to time.

The largest female mouth gape belongs to Samantha Ramsdell of Connecticut, who boasts a stretched out mouth of 2.56 inches.

The world’s widest mouth belongs to “Chiquinho Boca Grande” from Angola, whose mouth is 6.69 inches wide.


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