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Here’s Why André the Giant was the Ultimate Savage

Photo by Ethan via Flickr

André the Giant was not only a wrestling legend, but also a living embodiment of savagery. He was so big, so strong and so wild that he made everyone else look like they were basically nothing.

André the Giant was born with gigantism and grew to be 7′ 4.″

This condition caused his body to produce excess growth hormones. He weighed 13 pounds at birth and by the age of 12, he was already 6’3.” He eventually hit 7’4″ and weighed over 500 pounds.

He was so big that there’s been a long-running rumor that he couldn’t fit on his school bus as a kid and that he was instead driven to school by famous playwright Samuel Beckett. While Beckett did drive André (and other children) to school, he was just one of several parents that gave rides to the neighborhood children. And André didn’t have any issue fitting on the bus. But still. He was big enough for people to believe that.

André the Giant drank like a fish and ate like a horse.

This man had an enormous appetite. He could consume up to 7,000 calories worth of booze every day, which is more than three times the recommended daily intake for an average adult male. He once drank 127 beers in a hotel bar and passed out in the lobby. Nobody could move him, and given his size, it would be surprising if anyone tried. He also drank 119 beers in six hours, 40 vodka tonics at last call and six bottles of wine before a wrestling match. He ate just as much as he drank. He once ordered 12 steaks and 15 lobsters for himself at a restaurant.

He dominated the wrestling world and became a global superstar.

André the Giant was a force to be reckoned with in the wrestling ring. He made his debut in 1973 at Madison Square Garden and quickly became a fan favorite. He toured all over the world and got in the ring with all the greats. He was undefeated for over 15 years and held several titles and records. He was also one of the first wrestlers to cross over into mainstream media, appearing in TV shows and movies such as The Six Million Dollar Man and The Princess Bride.

He had a heart of gold and a sense of humor.

Despite his intimidating size and reputation, André was a gentle giant who had a soft spot for his friends and fans. He was known for his generosity, kindness, and loyalty. He would often pay for everyone’s meals and drinks when he went out with his fellow wrestlers. He would also cover Robin Wright’s head with his hand to keep her warm while filming The Princess Bride. His hand was so large that it could cover her entire head. He also loved to prank his co-stars and opponents. He once farted for 16 seconds in front of Cary Elwes on the set of The Princess Bride, which was hysterical. He also once picked up Chuck Wepner, a heavyweight boxer who inspired Rocky, and threw him out of the ring during a match.

André the Giant lived life on his own terms and left a lasting legacy.

André the Giant
John McKeon via Wikimedia Commons

André the Giant did not let his condition or his fame stop him from living life on his own terms. He traveled the world, pursued his passions, and enjoyed himself to the fullest. He didn’t care what people thought of him and was proud of who he was and what he accomplished. He died in 1993 at the age of 46 from heart failure while attending his father’s funeral in Paris. His cremated remains weighed 17 pounds. He left behind a lasting legacy as one of the greatest wrestlers and entertainers of all time. He is widely regarded as “The Eighth Wonder of the World” and has been immortalized in various media forms, such as documentaries, biographies, comics and video games.

André the Giant was truly a savage in every sense of the word. He lived large, loved hard, and laughed loud. He was an inspiration to many and a legend to all. He was André the Giant, and there will never be another like him.

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