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Residents of Luxury Miami Building Upset Because Inmates at Prison Next Door are Yelling at Them

downtown 5th federal prison miami

Photo by Flickr user Phillip Pessar

Residents of a luxury rental building in Miami are upset because they’re being yelled at by inmates of a federal prison which happens to stand right next to it.

On background, the prison went up in 1995. The rental building wasn’t constructed until 2021.

In a TikTok video shared earlier this month, inmates of the Federal Detention Center can be seen screaming down at bikini-clad ladies relaxing by the pool at Downtown 5th.

It isn’t clear what the prisoners are saying, but you can hear them whistling at the sunbathing beauties.


Tenants say they are robbed of their relaxation #birdseyeview #miami #prisontok #prisontiktok #federaldetentioncenter

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“My toxic trait is I’d go out there anytime I felt bad about myself,” wrote one commenter.

A property manager of Downtown 5th told Local 10 that the issue of the prison does indeed come up on tours of its apartments, though it’s definitely not in the brochure or in the gallery.

According to, prices for the 1- to 3-bedroom rentals range from $2,000-$4,300 per month, with amenities including a fitness center, a conference room and private work spaces, a coffee lounge, two swimming pools and a kids room – all just steps from downtown Miami and a prison which holds 984 male and female inmates involved in everything from airport shootings to tax evasion and ponzi schemes. The prison has also been called homed by multiple participants of the January 6 Capitol attack and an ISIS sympathizer charged for attempting to detonate a backpack on a beach in Key West.

Some of the building’s Google reviews help illuminate the issue.

Response from the building regarding inmates yelling at me while i relax by the pool . Its comical these idiots chose to build right in front of an FEDERAL PRISON. They have the nerve to tell me to use the other pool I PAID FOR TWO POOLS I DESERVE TWO POOLS.

“There are 2 swimming pools. One facing that way. The second swimming pool and the hot tub are the other side not facing the people that you don’t like. I suggest you to use the one that is facing north east.”

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