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Florida Man Arrested for Quitting Jailer Job While Transporting Prisoners

Joshua James Pinquet

A Florida man was recently arrested for quitting his job as a privately employed jailer in the middle of an inmate transfer, refusing to take the prisoners to their intended destination.

Joshua James Pinquet, 21, faces five counts of second-degree kidnapping and one count of larceny, as per Iredell County Sheriff’s Office records.

On November 28, authorities were alerted to an inmate transport van deviating from its course on Interstate Highway 40 in Statesville, NC. Pinquet was driving four inmates and had another employee with him.

The transport company’s owner reported the situation after being informed by the second employee that Pinquet was off-course and refusing to return the van.

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Pinquet told his boss he was quitting mid-trip and would not continue transporting the prisoners.

The van was eventually stopped, at which point Pinquet was arrested and the inmates were secured.

The transport company was hired by various law enforcement agencies outside North Carolina to deliver inmates nationwide. Pinquet deviated from the planned route in Hickory, continuing into Iredell County in North Carolina.

The inmates, en route to Florida, were handed over to other company employees to continue their journey.

Pinquet was initially held without bond, later released on a $750,000 secured bond, and is scheduled for a court appearance on December 20.

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