The Most Kink-Obsessed States in America and Their Favorite Toys

kinkiest us states

Written by Kinky Cloth

  • Colorado is the kinkiest state, having made the most searches per capita, knocking New Hampshire in the 2nd place.
  • Prostate massager is the most popular sex toy in the US. 
  • Mississippi is the most vanilla state, with people from here searching for kinky stuff online the least. 

If you thought California or New York had the kinkiest population, think again. We used Google search volume to find the most sexually explorative states.

We’ve taken a deep dive into how the US is searching for kinks sex toys and fetishes, showcasing some of the nation’s raunchier desires. From Chastity Cages to Masochism, Americans have been turning to Google in their millions this past year, with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

To find out which states have the most residents that kink it up in the sack most often, Kinky Cloth, a website that offers alternative fashion, peeked behind the curtain in Google search term volumes to reveal the various types of fetishes and kinks that spark the interest of different US states.

The Kinkiest States in the US

Kinky Cloth used numerical search values to determine which sex toys and fetishes were searched for the most in each state and combined the number of searches for all related words, which amounted to over 10,000.

They then calculated the total number of searches for each state for 100,000 people and ranked the state with the highest searches.

After combing through all of the Google search data, the study found that our friends in Colorado are doing much more than scaling mountains and fly fishing.

They rank #1 when it comes to searching kink-related content. As shown by the available data, Colorado residents searched for 32% more kinky stuff online than the national average. They count “Moby Huge” among their top-searched sex toy. Make of that what you will.

New Hampshire came in second place with the most searches per capita, followed by Arizona, Alaska and Maine. Vermont and Nevada came in the 6th and 7th place, respectively.

On the other hand, some states weren’t as interested in kink as others. With a search volume of 1,643 per 100k residents, we found Mississippi to be the most sexually conservative state in the U.S.

They weren’t interested in searching for much, including everything from sex toys fetishes and other kinky stuff.

South Carolina was not far behind with 1,804 searches made per 100k residents.

In all its glory, we present the Kinky List of the United States of America.

Most Searched For Sex Toys

People are interested in and draw pleasure from a wide variety of kinks and sex toys. As the study shows, these interests also tend to vary based not only on gender and cultural conditioning but also on geography.

So, to better understand what’s turning people on most in each state, Kinky Cloth again turned to Google search data for more information.

The study reveals that Prostate massagers and Chastity Cages are the most searched-for toys overall, but there are plenty of other high-ranking gadgets that Americans are taking to bed.

Prostate Massagers claim the top spot in 10 different states, including much of the Eastern States such as New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and Alabama, while Chastity Cages are the most popular in 9 states, including the North Eastern states such as Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Delaware.

In seven other states, Magic Wands were rated number one. These states include the likes of Nevada, Minnesota, West Virginia, California, Indiana, Florida, and Mississippi.

For six states – Arkansas, North Dakota, Montana, Kansas, Ohio and South Dakota – it seems like they are enjoying anal sex with less difficulty due to their proclivity for Butt Plugs. Dragon Dildos and Bad Dragon Dildos in particular are popular among people in New Hampshire, Arizona, Vermont, Michigan, and others.

Colorado and Idaho like to go big with Moby Huge being their most searched-for toy.

Among the most surprising findings is that Georgia residents are the only ones who opted for Strokers. Kudos to Georgia!

Most Searched For Fetishes

According to our analysis, the sexual kink commanding the interest of most states (nine) was Face Sitting.

The kinks garnering the next highest level of interest, captivating eight states were Bondage.

Curiosity about Masochism was spread out across the country as well, as it was the kink people were most apt to explore in Colorado, Alaska, and Vermont.

Sadism is the kink of most interest to people in Washington, New York, Maryland, Virginia and Louisiana.

Voyeurism trended highest in Oregon, Hawaii, Delaware, Tennessee and New Mexico whereas Femdom was of great fascination to people in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Wisconsin and Iowa.

The Golden Shower is undoubtedly a controversial sexual experience but it has its fans in Florida and New Hampshire.

Harmony Lane, a sex expert and founder of Kinky Cloth commented on the findings:

“We were surprised to learn that there are so many unique popular fetishes and sex toys in the U.S. Many states have something they alone can call their favorite, which just goes to show how varied human desire can be! And we think that’s a beautiful thing.

While the data provides insights into the online search behavior of each state, it’s essential to interpret these findings with caution. People may search for various reasons – from genuine interest to education or even humor.

States with higher search volumes for fetish-related content might have more open attitudes toward discussing and exploring different aspects of human sexuality. Conversely, lower search volumes could be attributed to factors such as cultural conservatism or lack of awareness”.


By analyzing Google Search Data, we sought to identify the kinkiest states and their most popular fetishes and sex toys. We did this by identifying kink-related keywords in all 50 states which amounted to over 10,000 and combined the total number of searches being made in each state.We then calculated the total number of searches for each state for 100,000 people and ranked the state with the highest searches.

For sex toys and fetishes, we prepared a list of 50 most popular sex toys and fetishes and checked their search volume in each state.

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