This Cat Wears Glasses to Make Kids with Poor Vision Feel Better

truffles cat glasses

A cat named Truffles works at a children’s glasses dispensary and her life’s work is to wear glasses so that kids with vision problems don’t feel quite so bad about wearing them.

Danielle Crull, the owner of A Child’s Eyes in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, adopted Truffles in 2017 when she was a stray. She started putting glasses on Truffles’ head when she turned six months old.

“After a while, whenever little children came into the optical shop, Danielle would call Truffles out to demonstrate how to wear glasses,” according to “Danielle was so surprised to find that this little act of wearing glasses put the children at ease and helped facilitate the fitting process. As an added bonus, Truffles seemed to build children’s self esteem about their own eyeglass wearing!”

Crull also put an eyepatch on Truffles to help children suffering from Amblyopia.

Truffles has made a whole bunch of videos about glasses and her influence is substantial, especially on TikTok where she has about 350,000 followers.

She also sells her own merch, like plush toys, cleaning cloths and t-shirts with her face on them.

Truffles apparently enjoys wearing her frames. They don’t have lenses in them.

Written by Pete


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