Terrifying Depictions of Mickey Mouse

Why is Disney’s eternal symbol of joy and childhood nostalgia portrayed in so many horrifying forms?

One example of a creepy Mickey Mouse is the “Suicidemouse.avi” video, which is claimed to be a “lost” Mickey Mouse cartoon from the 1930s that was discovered by a film critic while reviewing old Disney footage. The video shows a depressed Mickey Mouse walking down a street with eerie piano music playing in the background. It then cuts to black for several minutes before resuming with distorted images, sounds, and text. The story behind the video is that the film critic who watched it became so disturbed that he left the room, and his assistant who finished watching it committed suicide with a guard’s gun.

The video below appears to be another version of the same thing.

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We combed through Reddit and found a plethora of scary Mickey Mouses, at least one of which is sure to stick with you.

Posts from the creepy
community on Reddit

A meeting of the Mickey Mouse Club, early 1930s – [1900×1414]
by inHistoryPorn

Mickey Mouse Gas Mask From WWII. 1941. [3300×2000]
byu/Tigrannes inArtefactPorn

Posts from the fakehistoryporn
community on Reddit

creepy mickey mouse
byu/Snekboi123 inmidjourney

Does anybody know the origin of this picture? Creepy Mickey Mouse with sharp teeth.
byu/Aleon-Dakota increepypasta

So how about that creepy monkey wearing the Mickey Mouse costume in the 1934 film, “March of the Wooden Soldiers?”
byu/Complete_Age8603 inoddlyterrifying

This kinda reminds me of that story about the abandoned Mickey mouse costume… do any of you know the full story of it?
byu/midnightki777en increepypasta

Creepy Mickey Mouse
byu/StrikEcz inFattypillow

Also, Mickey Mouse is racist.

Written by Pete

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