New Jersey Police Chase Deer Through Elementary School

deer runs thru nj school
Toms River Police Department

“One of our more interesting calls this week was when officers were dispatched to Cedar Grove Elementary after a resident reported that they witnessed a deer breaking through a glass window and entering the school,” @tomsriverpolice shared in a Nov. 30 Instagram post.

The high production value video set to Kelly Clarkson’s “Run Rudolph Run” shows the four-legged trespasser running for its deer life as multiple officers chase it down dark hallways and through classrooms. The deer was eventually freed into the wilderness of New Jersey.

Police first got the call at around 10 p.m. by a man who saw the deer smash through a window while walking his dog.

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According to Neighborhood Scout, Toms River is “safer than 52% of U.S. neighborhoods,” which means it’s right in the middle, which means these officers were probably happy to have this animal encounter.

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