Kid’s Birthday Party Goes Viral For Having Fake Guns, Cash and Booze

viral birthday party guns cash

A scene from a kid’s birthday party is going viral for its theme, which, at least we can say, is original. The video, shared earlier this month by @5starnewsupdate on Instagram, shows adorable tots playing with fake guns and stacks of cash. Bottles of champagne are on ice, and the lyrics from ‘Gun Smoke,’ a song by rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again, are blaring in the background.


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The backlash came quickly.

“I usually don’t comment but the fact that the mother is on here defending this nonsense is utterly ridiculous,” wrote one IG user. “Ma’am you are setting these kids up for failure. This is nothing to be proud of. NBA Youngboy doesn’t make music for kids anyway. That’s the 1st mistake. What happened to superhero or sports themed parties for kids? I’m sad for those babies.”

“Arrest every adult in this video,” wrote another.

Some folks came to the parents’ defense, though, arguing that it was all in good fun.

“Be cool y’all everything is prop they just letting the lil homies do what they see on videos the guns fake people chill out,” wrote a guy who was cool with it.

One of the kids in the video looks a bit sad. We’re not sure if he was too little to play with the guns, or if he was just disappointed in the adults who organized the party.

Written by Pete

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