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Elephant Seal Forces Woman to Stay Home By Blocking Car

neil the seal

A 1,300+ pound elephant seal prevented a woman from going to work this week.

In a recent video shared by The Guardian, Tasmanian woman Amber Harris said she woke up on Tuesday to find the giant seal, named Neil, taking a nap in front of her car.

“I thought that somebody was trying to break into my car so I looked out the window and the next minute I’ve got this big seal looking up at me in my bedroom window,” she said.

Amber’s boss was understanding when she called out stuck. “There’s not a lot you can do with a 600kg seal at your car,” she told “[Work] got all the photos, so they knew it was legitimate. It’s given everyone in the office a bit of a laugh.”

Neil started making waves during the summer of 2022 when he was spotted “at the beach and [the] surrounding residential area.”

He also likes playing with traffic cones, as evidenced on his Instagram page, @neiltheseal22.


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