Man Arrested for Impersonating Firefighter, Bringing Garden Hose to Actual Fire

north carolina man arrested impersonating firefighter

A North Carolina man was arrested this week after bringing a garden hose to a fire and trying to put it out while dressed in FDNY gear (that’s New York City’s fire dept).

Christopher Victor Miglino, 37, was actually at the scene before local firefighters showed up. When they did, he refused to leave or let them do their jobs, according to Morganton, NC Public Safety.

They asked him to leave a few times, he didn’t, and then cops showed up to arrest him for impersonating a firefighter, obstruction, and “Obedience to Fire Personnel.”

Christopher Victor Miglino c/o Morganton Public Safety

The fire took place a bit after midnight on Wednesday at 224 Morehead Street, which is someone’s house.

(Google Maps)

Miglino’s wife told local media that he was previously a firefighter with the FDNY, however, a spokesperson for the FDNY said they have no record of him.

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