Men Are Now Paying Plastic Surgeons to Reconstruct Their Nipples

male nipple surgery

Men with way too much disposable income and way too little confidence are now paying plastic surgeons to fix their nipples.

According to a recent report by the Daily Mail, men are spending upwards of $5,000 to have their pepperonis transformed into small almonds. A lot of them want their nipples to resemble those of soccer star David Beckham.

While the procedure is not brand-new, it’s apparently become way more commonplace than it was just a couple years ago.

It’s happening a lot in NYC. Two Manhattan plastic surgeons spoke with the publication, one of whom said he’s been getting a male nipple patient once every two weeks or so.

“The trend, they say, is being driven by a trend towards wearing more tight-fitting shirts, which make nipples appear more prominent,” writes the Daily Mail.

According to the report, patients are asked to shave their chests before the procedure, though we’re guessing these are guys who’ve already taken care of that.

Regarding David Beckham’s nipples, one doctor said it’s mostly European and South American men getting this specific.

Written by Editorial Team

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