Giant Baby Kim Jong Un Cries Like Infant

kim jong un / Wikimedia Commons

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un cried like a baby because women in North Korea aren’t having enough babies.

Surrounded by sinister looking men at a really creepy assembly – the Fifth National Conference of Mothers – a teary-eyed Un addressed the country’s declining birth rates and its need for more children for him to brainwash into adulthood.

Some people in the audience cried along with him, probably out of fear. Video footage shows women clapping passionately for their dear leader, but it’s unclear what they’re actually doing to help (are you going to make more babies, or….?)

Here’s just one incredibly insane paragraph from Un’s speech:

“Thanks to the mothers who endure obediently all sorts of difficulties and affliction, believing that anything our Party is determined to do is all right, we could decide on and push ahead with such grand undertakings as another great cause of nation-building, and all those projects could be crowned with successes by the devoted efforts of the mothers who became admirable assistants and faithful servants to their husbands and children.”

A full transcript can be read on this North Korean news outlet.

Written by Pete

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