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Protestors Respond to Jerk’s Call to Ban G-Strings

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A businessman, community leader and real bastard recently made headlines for campaigning to outlaw G-strings on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Ian Grace, who in years past has been nominated for “Local Hero of the Year” awards because he works with kids or something, said he’s been thinking about this for about a year, according to

“While any man would enjoy ‘the view’, I believe women are very much demeaning and cheapening themselves, portraying themselves as sex objects, then decrying it when men see them that way,” he wrote in a letter to Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate, who made it clear he won’t be banning g-strings.

Grace, who clearly has no self-control and needs to get himself some looser pants and a pair of shades so his wife stops catching him, added that “One young lady in particular was walking on the footpath on the main road and had the tiniest triangle in front and was as close to naked as anyone could be.”

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In response to these outrageous calls for suppression, a protest dubbed “Free The Peach” took place last week at Kurrawa Beach, where hordes of brave young ladies (and some dudes, unfortunately) wore their favorite bikinis to stand up for what’s right.

Charlotte Mortlock, a journalist and political activist who also happens to be a stunningly beautiful Australian woman we’d love to see in a G-string, can be seen making dozens of solid points in the clip below:

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