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Russian Scientist Fired After Claiming People Once Lived to 900

russian scientist claims people live to 900

A top Russian geneticist has been fired after making some outrageous claims.

Alexander Kudryavtsev led the Russian Academy of Science’s Vavilov Institute of General Genetics from June 2021 until Jan. 23, 2024, and while the reason for his firing has not been explicitly disclosed, folks are assuming it has something to do with the insane things he said during a 2023 conference.


It was then when he claimed that before the Biblical Flood – which according to Stanford University occurred in 2350 BC – people lived for up to 900 years, “and that the shorter lives of modern humans are due to their ancestors’ sins,” AP News was first to report.

He also said that kids “up to the seventh generation are responsible for the sins of their fathers.”

“These are the kind of mutations that genetic doctors find every day when they work with patients…,” Kudryavtsev said. “Atheist scientists will tell you that in fact it’s radiation, it’s pollution, it’s all mutagenic effects. Nevertheless, my personal conviction is that such destruction is initiated by original sin, aggravated by ancestral sin, and personal sin too.”

The disgraced 60-year-old scientist made his remarks at the Third International Scientific and Theological Conference “God – Man – World” in March 2023, Metro reports.

Following the conference, Kudryavtsev said he “…wanted to emphasize the harmful influence of so-called bad habits – what theologians call sin. They also affect the genome. If a mutation occurs in your body, in your gametes, it will be passed on to your offspring, and nothing can be done about it. The conclusion is simple: if you want to have healthy offspring, don’t develop bad habits, don’t fall into sin. I would like to state that I voiced my personal point of view. It is in no way the position of the Russian Academy of Sciences, nor the position of the Church. All this does not affect the work of the Institute of Genetics in any way.”

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