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Pet Wallaby Escapes Owner’s House, Visits Nearby School


People have pet wallabies. Or at least one person does.

On Wednesday morning, Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee, shared an Instagram post about a “[nearby] resident’s escaped pet wallaby” who was “spotted bounding across campus” before being caught and returned to safety.

According to National Geographic, “Wallabies are members of the kangaroo clan found primarily in Australia and on nearby islands.”

When we asked Google if they make good pets, the results were somewhat mixed. A lot of wallaby wizards discourage wallaby ownership, though, because they’re wild animals.

According to SeaQuest, “A Land & Sea Adventure” chain which has “attracted considerable controversy and legal issues due to concerns over its animal care standards” and may or may not even be qualified to answer this question, wallabies “are wild animals and are not encouraged as domestic pets.”

On the other hand, 19 years ago, a guy wrote in a forum that “many people that own wallabies seem to be very happy.”

According to World Population Review, it’s illegal to own wallabies in nine states. It’s fully legal in seventeen states, and in twelve states (including Florida, just saying), permits are required. In Tennessee and Wisconsin, there’s no law specifying whether it’s legal or not.

This particular wallaby’s name is BooBoo.

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