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Human Foot Found in Field, Police Not Worried About it

amputated foot found oregon

Late last month, when a dog walker was walking a bunch of dogs in a field, one of them ran off and came back with “what initially appeared to be a portion of a human foot,” the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) shared on Facebook.  

The discovery took place on Jan. 21 “in a field across 27th Street from the Knott Landfill” in Bend, Oregon.

The dog walker called the police and when officers arrived, they confirmed that, yep, it was part of a foot.

Not knowing what to do, they called other agencies, and when they all put their heads together, they decided it wasn’t a big deal.

“Investigators have determined the partial remains are not suspicious in nature and more likely than not is a result of accidental improper disposal,” wrote DCSO. “It is with a high degree of confidence the remains are a result of a medical procedure (an amputation).”

Case closed I guess.

“So the hospital is throwing body parts into the garbage? I’m sorry, what???” asked Brandy Stratton.

“That Dr couldn’t foot the bill, chucked it in the regular garbage not the red bag…” wrote Ayn Sales.

“Guess whoever lost it was trying to start out on a new foot,” wrote Derrick Evans.

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