Beard Competitions are a Thing

beard competitions are a thing

From the 2015 LA Facial Hair Society. Photo by Edoardo Marino via Flickr. 

In an age where personal grooming has taken center stage, the competitive spirit of beard and mustache enthusiasts has found its arena. Men (and sometimes even women) from various corners of the globe flock to venues with a single mission: to showcase their facial masterpieces and vie for the title of having the best facial hair.

The Great American Beard and Moustache Championship is one such competition where participants present their well-groomed (or deliberately wild) beards and mustaches to an eager audience and a panel of judges. A report by ESPN in 2019 highlights the passion and creativity of several competitors at this event, with some using intricate designs and styles that truly elevate facial hair to an art form.

There’s also The World Beard and Moustache Championships, a biennial competition hosted by the World Beard and Mustache Association (WBMA), a global organization that promotes the appreciation of facial hair. The 2023 competition was held in Germany.

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“It all begins with a whisker,” states the WBMA on its homepage. “Maybe you want to wear a moustache. Maybe you want to turn a full beard into an octopus. Or maybe you have a wonderful partial beard to share with the world. Whatever it is, you can compete with it at the World Beard and Moustache Championship.”

Fabrizio Bottos, Winner of the World Beard and Mustache Championship in the natural beard category in 2019. Photo by Vittoria2011 via Wikimedia Commons

The world of facial hair competitions is vast and varied, with categories that accommodate a wide range of styles. The National Beard and Moustache Championships, for instance, has adopted various categories and class descriptions. Competitors can enter under specific classifications, ensuring that every type of beard or mustache gets its day in the sun. From the Garibaldi and Verdi categories for beards to the English and Dali classes for mustaches, there’s a place for every facial hair enthusiast to shine.

These competitions are not merely about vanity or a quest for a title. They often promote community, camaraderie, and even charity. Movember, for instance, is a worldwide effort that encourages men to grow mustaches in November to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues. Participants are even encouraged to groom and trim their mustaches, emphasizing the significance of style.

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