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UK Parliament Meetings are Pure Chaos

UK Parliament via Wikimedia Commons

To an outsider (or even to some insiders), British Parliament meetings can often seem like they belong on prime-time TV rather than in the annals of governmental proceedings. With a rich tapestry of tradition, impassioned speeches and quirky practices, let’s take a light-hearted romp through the eccentric world of the British Parliament.

Order, Order!

You might have seen clips of the Speaker of the House of Commons attempting to restore order during particularly heated debates. Their frequent cries of “Order!” have become synonymous with British political proceedings. It’s kind of like trying to control a group of school children who’ve just had a triple espresso.

The Despatch Box Standoff

Watch as MPs (Members of Parliament) vigorously thump the Despatch Box while making points during debates. Some say it’s the British version of a mic drop.

Tradition Overload

The UK is known for its love of traditions, and Parliament is no exception. Whether it’s the State Opening of Parliament with its lavish ceremonies or the annual search of the cellars to commemorate the Gunpowder Plot, some of these practices make Hogwarts seem positively modern.

Mace in Your Face

No, not the spray. The ceremonial mace represents the authority of the Monarch in Parliament. If it’s not in the room, the House can’t meet. It’s been removed, wielded, and even swung in past sessions. Talk about a power move!

“Hear, Hear!”

If you ever want to agree with something in the House of Commons, shouting “hear, hear” is the way to go. It’s a bit more dignified than “Same!” or “Relatable!”

The Woolsack

Over in the House of Lords, the Lord Speaker sits on a massive cushion known as the Woolsack. It’s filled with wool, signifying the historic importance of the wool trade to England. Cozy governance, anyone?

Lord Fowler sits on the speaker’s woolsack, with two other peers on the judges’ woolsack in front. Photo c/o ukhouseoflords via Wikimedia Commons.

Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs)

Imagine a weekly roast session where the Prime Minister is grilled, toasted, and occasionally charred by fellow MPs. This event is both vital for accountability and a masterclass in British banter.

While the British Parliament’s proceedings might seem a touch mad to outsiders, they’re a reflection of the UK’s rich history and commitment to democracy. Whether you find it baffling, endearing or a bit of both, there’s no denying that it’s an institution unlike any other.


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