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Crew of Dangerous Senior Citizens Busted for String of Armed Robberies

senior citizens arrested rome post office robberies

Six old guys have been nabbed for robbing post offices in Rome, Italy.

Led by 68-year-old Sandro Baruzzo, 70-year-old Italo De Witt (“the German”), and 77-year-old Raniero Pula, the six-person gang first caught the attention of authorities after a May 2023 gunpoint robbery which scored them $211,000 (h/t Oddity Central).

They’ve committed at least two similar robberies since, though one was cancelled because Baruzzo had to get prostate surgery, according to La Repubblica.

According to The Straits Times, De Witt, who is mean and scary, was pissed off about this, and Baruzzo complained about him to the other old criminals. “I can’t even get on the scooter,” he said to Pula, insisting on getting the surgery done.

Additional gang members included a 66-year-old key maker and two bricklayers, aged 51 and 56. All six have extensive criminal histories, but the three leaders, who’ve undoubtedly proven that old man strength is real, have records dating back to the 1970s.

They tried to be careful, never talking on the phone and always meeting in random places. That aside, the aged robbers were busted after a Nov. 6 robbery attempt as the site was being surveilled by local police.

Baruzzo, De Witt and Pula were sentenced to four years in prison for armed robbery.

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