This Really Weird Fetish Involves Swallowing People Whole


Once upon a time, in the world wide web’s labyrinth of fandom, kinks and video game mods, there sprang a peculiar subculture that takes ‘devouring content’ quite literally: the vore community. It’s a spicy concoction of fascination, role-playing and a dash of macabre – a world where one gains sexual gratification from the thought of either becoming an amuse-bouche or having one.

Essentially, vore, short for vorarephilia, is a kink that primarily involves two characters: the “pred” or predator and the “prey.” Kind of like a food chain, but with less nature and more “50 Shades.”

The vore world boasts a buffet of subtypes. If you’re a picky eater, perhaps you’d opt for soft vore – the kind where the prey is swallowed whole and alive, without a single tooth mark. If you’re the sentimental sort, you might prefer safe vore, where – by some feat of biological wonder – the prey survives the experience. It’s like a tour of the digestive system, only much weirder and without digestion.

The vore community expresses their interest through various media including art, stories, comic books and even video games, with everyone’s favorite dragon-slaying epic, Skyrim, boasting a vore mod known as “Devourment.” Talk about a new level of “immersive gaming”!

The sheer creativity and spectrum of expression within the vore Community is as diverse as a supermarket’s cereal aisle. Its presence may be a bit peculiar and raise a few eyebrows, but as long as it’s all kept respectful, safe, and consensual, who are we to argue? After all, it’s just another testament to the boundless landscape of human imagination and appetite.

For the predators, prey and curious onlookers out there, vore serves as a hearty reminder that when it comes to internet culture, it truly is an eat or be eaten world!

Also, these people don’t actually eat each other, we don’t think.

Written by Editorial Team


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