The World’s Most Crooked Street

crooked lombard street

Photo by Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar / Flickr

Vermont Street in San Francisco is supposedly the world’s most crooked street. But many view Lombard Street, also in San Francisco, to be the official holder of that title. And that’s essentially because it’s prettier.

“Though technically slightly curvier than Lombard, and an interesting sight in its own right, [Vermont Street] doesn’t have the fame or the visual beauty that Lombard Street has, which is why people flock to Lombard Street to take photos during their visit,” according to

It’s a specific section of Lombard Street – the stretch between Hyde and Leavenworth streets, in the Russian Hill neighborhood – which has amateur photographers foaming at the mouth. And that’s due to its eight sharp turns and steep slope.

lombard street sf
Cmichel67 / Wikimedia Commons

The road was built in 1922 as a way to make the hill a bit safer. Now, the one-way street has a speed limit of 5 miles per hour.

Lombard Street is lined with popping flowers and greenery which add to its charm and beauty. Those traversing it can also enjoy sweeping views of the SF skyline and Bay Bridge.

Many tourists like to take photos of the street from different angles, or drive down the street themselves. However, driving down Lombard Street can be challenging and requires patience, as there’s often a long queue of cars waiting to enter the crooked block.

Owwe / Flickr

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