Misouri Lawmaker Wants to Bring Duels Back

Nick Schroer c/o MissouriMadeGOP via Wikimedia Commons

A Missouri state senator wants to go back to the days when disputes were settled by sword.

Senator Nick Schroer (R-MO) submitted a proposal to bring duels back to senate, a discovery which was first made public by @MoSenDems (Senate Democrats) on X (formerly Twitter).

“The Missouri Republican Civil War continues to escalate as a member of the Freedom Caucus faction has filed a proposed rule change to allow Senators to challenge an ‘offending senator to a duel,'” @MoSenDems wrote in its caption.

The proposal states that “If a senator’s honor is impugned by another senator to the point that it is beyond repair and in order for the offended senator to gain satisfaction, such senator may rectify the perceived insult to the senator’s honor by challenging the offending senator to a duel.”

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It goes on to say that all challenges should be submitted in writing and that the “two senators shall agree to the terms of the duel, including choice of weapons.” All duels are to take place at “high noon.”

Our first question: who offended Nick Schroer?

Schroer’s chief of staff, Jamey Murphy, told Newsweek that “…Schroer is deeply committed to restoring a sense of honor in the Missouri Senate. While the idea of a duel may have been suggested in a metaphorical sense, the core message is about fostering respect and reminding members that the words used in a debate may have real consequences.”

Okay. But again: who hurt this man?

As mentioned above, Schroer is part of the Missouri Freedom Caucus, and last week, Missouri Senate President Caleb Rowden (also a Republican) removed four of its members from committee chairmanships, saying that its members offer nothing but “filibusters of things of no consequence whatsoever relative to a piece of policy.”

While Schroer was not removed himself, perhaps it’s Rowden he wants to duel in honor of his fallen brethren.

Caleb Rowden c/o KOMUnews via Wikimedia Commons

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