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Man Gets Hit by Car: No Serious Injuries, But His Pants Fell Down

hamza velic vermont

A Vermont teen is being held on attempted murder charges after striking a man with his car multiple times, an aggressive reaction to a getting a snowball thrown at his windshield, WCAX was first to report.

The incident took place earlier this month in South Burlington, Vermont, and the man who tossed the snowball was Oliver Reed.

The young man behind the wheel was 18-year-old Hamza Velic.

After Reed tossed the snowball, Velic slammed his car into him, surveillance video shows. Not only did this send Reed flying in the air, but also, his pants fell down.

Then, as Reed was “regrouping,” Velic backed up and hit him again.

Reed was able to eventually escape. He went to the hospital, and somehow, he was just treated for scrapes and bruises.

The judge overseeing the case called the incident “alarming and erratic,” adding, “This was intent. He can’t say he just went too fast around the speed and struck someone. He was preying and trying to strike this person down.”

According to Burlington Police, Velic was recently arrested for stealing a Lamborghini.

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