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Guy Shot in Head While Partying, Doesn’t Realize it Until Four Days Later

man shot while partying brazil

A medical student from Brazil hung out for four days while unbeknownst to him, a bullet was lodged in his head.

While partying on a beach with friends on New Year’s, 21-year-old Mateus Facio felt something hit his head, but he thought it was just a rock.

“I thought it was a stone, a bad joke, that someone picked up and threw a rock,” Facio told Globo 1. “Because I didn’t hear anything. If there was a noise, I could imagine what it could be. But I didn’t hear anything, it was completely normal.”

Apparently it didn’t hurt that much, and one of Facio’s friends, a doctor, put some ice on the wound.

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After New Year’s, Facio went to hang out in a nearby, took a 186 mile drive back to his house, and then made a roundtrip to Rio de Janeiro for work.

He only realized something was seriously wrong on January 4.

“I went to take a nap and woke up with my arm feeling a little silly, my hand moving strangely, I felt my fingers moving, but I didn’t have the confidence to pick something up,” he told Globo 1.

He went to a hospital and the doctors found a 9 mm bullet which took two hours to remove. He then spent some time in the ICU and a regular hospital room before being discharged.

Local police have not gotten any reports of gunfire on the beach he was partying at.

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