Man Climbs 1,500 Feet to Change Light Bulb

Kevin Schmidt is not just an ordinary worker; he performs a job that few would dare to undertake. As a project manager at Sioux Falls Tower and Communications in South Dakota, Kevin Schmidt frequently undertakes the daunting task of climbing sky-high structures to change light bulbs.

For many, the thought of ascending a staggering 1,500 feet into the air is nothing short of terrifying. However, for Schmidt, this has become a part of his regular routine. Twice a year, he scales these dizzying heights to replace a bulb, earning a handsome fee of $20,000 per climb.

Schmidt’s daring feat garnered significant attention in 2015 when a video of him changing a light bulb at such an altitude went viral, amassing over a million views. While this might seem like a momentous occasion for many, for Schmidt, it was just another day on the job.

In a world filled with ordinary jobs, Kevin Schmidt stands out, literally rising above the rest, showcasing both his physical bravery and dedication to his work.

Written by Editorial Team

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