The Man Who Sued His Cable Company For Making His Wife Gain Weight, Children Lazy

Timothy Dumouchel

In the early 2000s, Timothy Dumouchel made headlines for a rather unique lawsuit.

The West Bend, Wisconsin resident threatened to sue his cable service provider, Charter Communications, claiming the company was responsible for his and his family’s addiction to television. Dumouchel’s primary contention was that despite asking the cable company to stop his service over four years prior, they continued to transmit signals.

His demands, as reported, were rather unusual. He sought $5,000, three computers, and most notably, a lifetime supply of free Internet. According to a complaint Dumouchel filed with the local police, he held Charter Communications culpable not only for his TV addiction but also believed the firm played a role in causing his family to become overweight.

According to a local police report, Dumouchel claimed that his wife gained 50 pounds and that his children became “lazy channel surfers.”

While the lawsuit certainly grabbed media attention for its unconventional premise, he eventually decided to drop the case.

Timothy Dumouchel appears to be the owner of a company called Photos For Dealers. He also has a Youtube Channel which he uses (or used) to promote his business. If you want to see who this man is, here’s a video …

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