PHOTOS: Early 20th Century Construction Workers Risk Lives Atop NYC Skyscrapers

Lunch atop a Skyscraper is a black-and-white photo taken in 1932 showing eleven ironworkers sitting on a steel beam 850 feet above the ground. They’re working on the sixty-ninth floor of the RCA Building in Manhattan, and this photo was arranged as a publicity stunt to promote the building.

Lunch atop a Skyscraper
Charles Clyde Ebbets, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

1930: This photo shows a worker on the framework of the Empire State Building. Many structural workers, like the one pictured, were above middle-age.

Taken by Lewis Hine, edited by Durova, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

1932: a cable worker at the Empire State Building.

Lewis Hine via Wikimedia Commons

1906: A worker two hundred feet above the ground, working on a new skyscraper.

H.C. White Co., 1906

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1907: Men balance on a suspended iron section 200 feet above ground.

H.C. White Co., 1907

1908: Men work on the 35th floor of Singer Tower. Jersey City can be seen in the background.

H.C. White Co., 1908

1908: Construction men working on the frame of Metropolitan Tower.

H.C. White Co., 1908.

1908: Views over Fifth Avenue from Metropolitan Tower.

H.C. White Co., 1908

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