Guy Tries to Bring Alligator to Baseball Game


A Philadelphia Phillies fan tried to attend Wednesday’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates with his emotional support … alligator.

Citizens Bank Park did not allow the man or his gator in the park.

The Philadelphia Inquirer revealed the pair’s identity as Joie Henney and WallyGator, who has over 30,000 followers on Instagram and almost 120,000 on TikTok.

Henney told the Inquirer that Wally “helps him battle depression and that “he likes to give hugs,” while also adding that he’s never bitten anyone.


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According to CNN, “…Wally was at the stadium after he had been invited to meet the Phillies players and their partners before Wednesday’s game against the Pirates.” But Joe and Wally arrived late, and the players were already warming up. Henney also told the publication that Wally’s been to baseball games before.

We couldn’t find any evidence of this on social media, but here’s Wally in a swimming pool with a bunch of children:


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