Weird Things People Do Naked

weird things people do naked

Here are some peculiar yet delightful activities people have been known to engage in while embracing the au naturel (not including whatever weird stuff people do behind closed doors).

1. World Naked Gardening Day

Every year, gardening enthusiasts across the globe strip down to celebrate their love for plants and nature. Because sometimes, a rose just looks better when you’re nude. The official website appears to be

2. Naked Yoga

Believe it or not, practicing yoga in the buff is a thing. Participants claim it deepens the connection between mind, body, and spirit. No pants, no problem.

Naked Yoga
Biswarup Ganguly via Wikimedia Commons

3. Naked Hiking

“Nakations” have risen in popularity, with enthusiasts trekking nature trails with nothing but their backpacks and a free spirit. It’s especially popular in Switzerland – in fact, so popular that they had to enact legislation around it.

Gilbau via Wikimedia Commons

4. Bare Bungee Jumping

Yep, some brave souls take the leap without any threads on. Talk about free-falling.

5. Nude Beach Volleyball

Sun, sand, and, err, serves? Many naturist beaches host volleyball games where clothing is optional. (Don’t Google search this one.)

6. Naked Dining

Some restaurants around the world allow patrons to enjoy gourmet meals in the nude (though it seems like they’ve all pretty much closed).

7. Skinny Dipping

An oldie but a goodie. There’s something liberating about a swim without the confines of swimwear.

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skinny dipping

8. Naked Bike Rides

Several cities host an annual World Naked Bike Ride event to promote body positivity and cycling as an eco-friendly transport option.

world naked bike ride
Pixel Focus from York PA via Wikimedia Commons

9. Naked Festivals

In some cultures, there are festivals where participants shed their clothes as part of the tradition, symbolizing purity, unity, or just for fun. And in one culture, a naked body part is celebrated.

The list keeps going, but we got tired of looking at these people. Feel free to research this further at your leisure.

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