Car Crash Causes Unexpected Fireworks Display


A collision on a Canadian highway in British Columbia triggered an accidental fireworks display last week, Canada’s CBC News was first to report.

It happened when a semitrailer crashed into a parked truck with a trailer full of fireworks at about 10 p.m. last Thursday.

The crash set off set off fireworks for almost an hour.

The incident caused the pickup truck with the explosives to catch fire and completely burn out. Both drivers were able to escape their vehicles safely, though one was taken to an area hospital for minor injuries.

Lots of passersby stopped and gazed in amazement as the highway was closed until the unexpected fireworks show came to an end.

One motorist who witnessed the display described the scene as a “raging inferno,” going on to describe it as “best fireworks show I’ll ever see.”

Written by Pete

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