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Wedding-Crashing Thief Busted Eating Cake, Rummaging Through People’s Things

Sandra Lynn Henson
Pontotoc Sheriff's Department

A Mississippi woman with a history of crashing weddings was recently spotted eating cake and rummaging through personal items by guests who were actually supposed to be there.

Sandra Lynn Henson, 57, has reportedly been doing this for years, hitting up venues in Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee to steal cash and gifts. She’s been busted and locked up for it multiple times and is currently on probation for similar crimes.

During her latest crash, at Lily Creek Farm in Belden, Mississippi (it looks nice), Henson is said to have stolen $200 from the wedding planner’s purse. She ultimately admitted to her actions, but pleaded with the family not to call the cops, telling them she didn’t want to go back to jail, which for some reason she thought was their problem.

The family called the cops and Henson was arrested on charges including petit larceny, trespassing, and disturbing the peace. She’s since posted bond.

Authorities say Henson has gotten away with tens of thousands of dollars over the years, according to USA Today. But now, she’s back on the streets.

“It’s unfair. She has robbed so many people of precious time, memories, and gifts, but she never has to own up to her wrongdoing. I can’t believe no one is taking this seriously,” said Lexi Butler, the bride of Henson’s most recent target.

“She’s been doing this for quite some time and I don’t think she has any intention to stop,” said Kait Dorrough, the wedding planner whose $200 was swiped.

“I’m surprised she hasn’t caught a beat down from an angry bridesmaid because that’s how it goes down here in the South,” said Tyler Melton of the Florence Police Department in Alabama.

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