This Russian Baby is a Piano Prodigy

@GavriilScherbenko / Youtube

Some children are born with a natural talent for music, and Gavriil Scherbenko is one of them. The Russian baby, now approaching his second birthday, has amazed the world with his piano skills.


Gavriil was born on September 26, 2021, and started playing the piano when he was only six months old. His parents, who are both musicians, noticed his interest in the instrument and decided to encourage him. They bought him a small keyboard and let him explore it on his own.

Soon, they realized that Gavriil was not just randomly hitting the keys, but actually playing melodies and harmonies. He could also imitate the songs he heard on TV or from his sisters, who are also musical. He even composed his own tunes, which he played with emotion and expression.

Gavriil’s parents decided to share his talent with the world and created an Instagram page for him in June 2023. They also started a YouTube channel for him in July 2023, where they upload videos of him playing the piano at home or in public places. The videos have gone viral and have attracted thousands of views and comments from around the world.

Some of the videos show Gavriil playing classical pieces by composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. Others show him playing his own compositions or improvising on different themes. He can also play different styles of music, such as jazz, blues, and boogie-woogie.

Gavriil’s parents say that they do not force him to play the piano or teach him any rules or techniques. They let him play freely and follow his own intuition. They believe that he has a gift that comes from within and that he enjoys playing the piano as a form of self-expression.


They also say that they are grateful for the positive feedback and support they have received from people around the world. They hope that Gavriil’s music will inspire others to pursue their passions and dreams.

Gavriil Scherbenko is a remarkable baby who has shown that music is a universal language that can touch anyone’s heart. He is a young star who has a bright future ahead of him.

You can watch his videos on his YouTube channel or follow him on Instagram. You will be amazed by his piano playing skills and his adorable personality. He is truly a musical prodigy who deserves to be celebrated.

Written by Pete

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