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This is the World’s Most Dangerous Diving Site

world's most dangerous diving site

Photo by Flickr user Wedstock 2011

The Dahab Blue Hole, located on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, is an infamous dive site known for its exceptional natural beauty and grave danger. The Blue Hole is a deep, natural sinkhole in the Gulf of Aqaba, situated just north of the South Sinai tourist town of Dahab. This location is famed for its unique natural appeal, drawing both experienced divers and curious onlookers from all around the world.

egypt blue hole
Flickr user Matt Kieffer

Renowned for its exceptional marine life and coral reefs, the Blue Hole attracts free-diving enthusiasts due to its easy shore access and lack of current. However, its beauty disguises a perilous nature. As depicted in Netflix’s 2023 documentary The Deepest Breath, this diving site, despite its allure, holds the grim title of having the highest diving fatalities globally.

Blue Hole Egypt
Petar Milošević via Wikimedia Commons

The Blue Hole is about 260 feet in diameter with funnel-shaped walls. It contains an opening at about 170 feet in depth that opens into an arch, leading to a sloping tunnel towards the open sea. The hole’s interior reaches a depth of about 330 feet.

This geology can disorient divers, turning the Blue Hole into a deadly trap. The infamous archway, lying at 55 meters (181 feet) down the seaward side, veers off from the hole. As one enters the arch, its bottom falls away, reaching approximately 120 meters (394 feet) on the seaward side. Beyond the hole, the seafloor descends steeply to over 1,000 meters (3,300 feet).

blue hole free diving
Flickr user Matt Kieffer

The Blue Hole’s beauty and its grim reputation have earned it the moniker “Diver’s Cemetery.” Fatalities in the area have been estimated to be close to 200, with memorial plaques surrounding the entrance serving as a haunting tribute to the many divers who lost their lives attempting to traverse the submerged cave system.

Dahab Blue Hole memorial
Дмитрий Кузнецов via Wikimedia Commons

Despite these risks, the Blue Hole continues to draw adventurous spirits and curious observers alike. Besides scuba diving, activities such as snorkeling, free diving, hiking to scenic points like the Blue Hole Viewpoint, visiting the Diver’s Cemetery, or just relaxing at seafront restaurants, make this site a unique destination for visitors in Egypt.

With its enchanting marine beauty and fatal allure, the Blue Hole remains an irresistible destination for daring divers worldwide. Its reputation as a dangerous dive site does not deter these individuals from testing their skills and exploring this natural wonder – a testament to the beguiling allure of the Blue Hole’s deep and mysterious waters.

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