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City of Lexington, Kentucky Beams Message Into Space Inviting Alien Tourists

If there are two things aliens love, it’s horse farms and bourbon.

The city of Lexington, Kentucky has launched a new campaign to increase tourism by inviting extraterrestrial travelers to the “horse capital of the world” – which is just as famous for its distilleries.

lexington kentucky alien promo

The Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau (VisitLEX) has “beamed a message toward potentially habitable planets in the TRAPPIST-1 solar system 40 light years away,” according to a press release. The purpose of that message is to get sky people excited about what the city has to offer.

“We believe Lexington is the best place on Earth,” said VisitLEX President Mary Quinn Ramer. “It’s the ideal location for extraterrestrial travelers to begin exploring our world.”

It will take 40 years for the off-worlders to get the message, and Lexington’s humans will need to wait an additional 40 years for a response, assuming the aliens respond immediately.

“Contents of the message range from photos of Lexington, to an audio recording from legendary blues musician Tee Dee Young, to a coded bitmap image containing clues to the origin and intent of the transmission.”

Written by Pete

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